Reviews and expert opinions


As defined by IEEE (1990), a review process is:

“A process or meeting during which a work product, or set of work products, is presented to project personnel, managers, users, customers, or other interested parties for comment or approval.”

The design phase of the software development process produces various kinds of documents as, design reports, software test documents and software installation plans and manuals. These documents are reviewed during this review process. Reviews are very important in the SQA process as they provide early detection and prevention of the errors and prevent the passing of the errors towards the stages where the error detection and correction are more cumbersome, intricate and  as a result are very costly, which were occurred during the design and analysis stages.

Reviews can be categorized as formal design reviews – the DR report and peer reviews – inspections and walkthroughs.

Use the following link to access more details on review methods.

Expert opinions

Expert opinions support quality assessment efforts by introducing additional external capabilities into the organization’s in-house development process.  This method may be particularly useful in some situations. The organization’s internal quality assurance activities are thereby reinforced.


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