Software Testing

To see whether the software product is aligned with the client’s requirements, the testing is done. Software tester, software developer, project manager as well as the end users can conduct the testing.

Software tests are formal SQA components that are targeted toward review of the actual running of the software. The tests are based on a prepared list of test cases that represent a variety of expected scenarios. Under testing it examines software modules, software integration or entire software packages (systems). Recurrent tests (“regression tests”) are carried out after correction of previous test findings, and continued till satisfactory results are obtained.

Testing is done at every phase of SDLC.

  • At the requirement gathering phase, the analysis and verification of requirements are considered as testing.
  • Reviewing the design in the design phase with the intent to improve the design is  considered as testing.
  • On completion of the code, testing performed by a developer is also categorized as testing.

However the time which the testing should be concluded cannot be exactly said. Yet the following are some instances where testing can be stopped.

  • Testing Deadlines
  • Management decision
  • Completion of test case execution
  • Completion of functional and code coverage to a certain point
  • Bug rate falls below a certain level and no high-priority bugs are identified

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